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Virtual Assistant Services

Website Management / Design / Music & Media / Office Support

I can help you navigate our on-screen world. Realising potential across your marketing platforms, nurturing your web presence, integrating your social media.

Website Design & Content Management, Marketing

I will work with you to achieve the results you want. Online stores & more.

I can build & manage websites that integrate your social media, assist in content management, staff training, updating for seo, analytics etc; details.

Administrative Support

I am able to provide input into project planning, & help with general problem solving. I bring my experience of working in various business structures, with diverse staff.

l’m confident using till systems, have experience of  Xero cloud accounting & with a wide variety of software applications (Mac & PC).

I have collaborated on the preparation of policy & procedure documents written in both school & hotel settings.

Word Processing & Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing

I can assist you in the creation of various documents, brochures, flyers, etc.

I’m skilled in designing dedicated graphics for cross-promotional use; posters, screen talkers, web content, etc. using your logo & content style to reinforce your brand.

Media & Musician’s Support

I’m able to work with diverse media files, & skilled at image & audio file editing. I can create & edit YouTube/Video content. I can create vibrant websites with digital sale options and social media integration.

ProTools, Logic & Video Editing & online platforms including CDBaby, Bandcamp etc.

I bring the skill base of my own musical development & teaching experiences to each of your creative projects.

Spreadsheets, Transcriptions, Presentation Design

I can create multi-media presentations using powerpoint, youtube, etc.

I’m able to prepare xcel spreadsheets specific to your business needs & can provide transcription of recorded or hand-written messages, meeting minutes, etc.

Client Commitment

To provide flexible, creative office solutions to small business owners with a commitment to efficiency, transparency, confidentiality, loyalty & clear communication.

To provide professional assistance in a timely manner. As a small business owner I am dedicated to seeing your business succeed.

My approach; see where things are, where they might be taken, work with existing strengths, support positive change.

I will work with you to achieve the results you want. Office assistance, document preparation, website design & management, social media integration, online stores, promotional media, etc.




Designing content, developing ideas, creating media based strategies, collating documentation for various platforms, seeing potential… I can help you to develop your online presence and face the business challenges of our screen filled world.

As a Virtual Assistant (VA) I work as an independent contractor, freelance; paid per hour, with the aim to help professionals, non-profit organisations and small businesses reach their business goals.

Although predominantly working from my home office should a project require meetings or on-site visits I am happy to arrange that. I can also provide support and training options in a virtual capacity.

I am skilled in website design and maintenance; and can help your business develop its social media presence and marketing strategies. I can assist in the creative design of promotional graphics, image preparation and content editing to meet your publishing needs.

My background; I studied music and taught in schools, both in Australia and including several years at Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur as Head of Music. I have also worked in the hospitality industry, first whilst studying and then in office and administration at The Commercial Hotel in Camperdown, South West Victoria, Australia.

In my own time I have delved consistently into the progression of website development and multi-media technologies. I have built websites for and collaborated with several community groups and study design to keep up-to-date with changes in the industry. I really enjoy working on creative projects and find inspiration in the collaborations this brings.

My approach is to see where things are at and where they might be taken, working with existing strengths and supporting positive change.

Your Tech Secretary,
Angela Preiss
B.Mus. PostGradDipEd.
ABN: 3086 6318 515

At the end of last year I finished a personal project; simple original harp tunes with flute melodic overlays and backing guitar: ‘Play of Colours’

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business,
and your business in your heart.” – Sr. Thomas Watson

Testimonial: Dennis Madden – Managing Director of The Commercial Hotel & The Camperdown Mill

“As well as her ability to interact positively with people Angela possesses an embarrassing array of skills and talents, with various computer wizardry; designing creative promotional material, taking photographs and editing them for various use, building and maintaining websites, working with our till / tech support and admin team and much more… she enjoys complex problem solving and provides a positive contribution to our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to any position which she feels she can fulfill. She continues to provide us with inspiration and helps us navigate our online services as our virtual assistant.”

Testimonial: Howlin’ Wind – Musician & Producer at Magnetic Heaven – Flute Maestro

“Angela is right at home in the modern creative world. Hard-working with excellent multi-media skills, quick savvy ideas and enthusiastic support, she’s the go to woman for the work. Angela has designed several CD covers & concert posters for me, edited YouTube content, Bandcamp stores, CDbaby distribution, social media platforms and more… she has the answers; with an eye for visual composition and design… and a musician’s ear to hear what I need.”

Please contact me to request examples of my design and website work. I can also provide contact referees.

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions… I can assist.

These are some of the tasks I can help you with.


Do you need a new website built? Will you work with me to get the design I want? I have a website but it needs updating and dynamic content editing, where can I start? How can I edit my website? Can you teach me or a member of my team how to add content? I want to learn how to blog… can you support my progress? Can you help us with planning strategy? Can you fix a broken website?


I want more than a website… how can I integrate my social media across platforms? I want a subscription option & contact form to help with my email marketing. I have a lot of information but want assistance in compiling promotional ideas from it. I don’t have time but need trusted collation of my details for advertising materials, documents such as grant submissions, flyers & media campaigns.

Design & Media

Can you create fast promo designs that use my logo and help promote my brand? Can you fast-track me on basic design editing & recommend programmes to help me to create my own promotional materials? I have a lot of photos and video footage, can you create video & visual content for me that runs an advertising campaign across all of my online presence? Can you integrate SEO and social media support?


I want to know that my website is monitored weekly for security, platform up-dates & back-ups. I need advice for plug-ins and easy access to my sites performance details. I’d like to add layers of security across my platforms. I want my team to be reminded of & consider social-media policy application, can you help us achieve best practice? How can I monitor use and allocate user roles?


What are my best options for selling online? How can I manage inventory? What sort of budget can I work with, especially if I only have a few items? I want to diversify my sales, can you help me manage that across my media presence and can you be support this change? Can you setup procedures and teach myself or my team to manage those platforms? What are my options for selling physical and digital products?


Music is my other great love…
Do you need a musician(s) for your event? Do you need audio recording or editing done?

If I cannot assist specifically I may be able to connect you to someone who can.

Contact Angela:

Why employ a VA?

Employing a Virtual Assistant is cost-effective as you only pay for actual time worked.

No overhead costs.

You avoid paying permanent/temporary staff costs.

I work in my own fully equipped office.

I can work flexible hours and you can use my services on an ‘as needed’ basis. Rates are competitive and payment schedules can be structured to suit the project.

As a web designer, content manager & maintenance provider my role may include

implementing and maintaining dual backup systems online & offline, creating restore points

facilitating Facebook Page & Instagram integration onto your website & providing social media support

providing examples of social media policy & privacy considerations for your staff

creation of graphics for cross-promotional materials (print & web)

managing the regular necessary updates for the security of your site and carrying out scheduled updates of existing content

taking a lead role in maintenance, monitoring and development of the site

liaising with clients about their requirements and advise on effective presentation and assist with content planning

uploading material onto the website by agreed deadlines

training your self or your staff for independence, and to coordinate site content, style and appearance

using web content management systems to analyse site statistics (eg page visits, time spent on site, links followed)

evaluating results and compiling reports for managers

liaising with IT support staff to resolve technical problems, such as web hosting admin, search engine submissions

liaising with clients about their specific requirements and advising on effective presentation

attending content planning and commissioning meetings with managers

working with managers to develop new content, editorial policies, innovations and best practice

keeping up-to-date with web-related developments

As a virtual assistant and web content designer/editor/manager my skill base includes

strong research, editing and writing skills

able to process and present information in a clear and concise manner for brand consistency, in effective ways to reach your target audience

creative ideas, finding engaging ways to promote and integrate across multiple media platforms

strong collaboration skills

sound project management and presentation skills

an understanding of online authoring including seo, privacy, accessibility, content management